The birth of Fibartec

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In our first post I wanted to tell you who I am:

I am Ricardo Esclapés, founder of Fibartec Obras y Servicios S.L. I graduated as a Technical Architect at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2011, and I left with enthusiasm to practice my profession.

The situation in Spain for the Surveyors was not very encouraging at the time, which motivated me to go to Germany in search of a better future. I jumped in the pool after a couple of intensive German courses and I thought that from there I could find what to do more easily.

And the truth is that it was landing in Munich and kissing the saint. The next day I met who would be my boss for the next 6 years, during which I was working at Bauleitung Simon, an engineering studio dedicated to the optional management of public and private works with just over 20 employees (all German except me).

My adaptation was very good, with some difficulties, but very good. Learning German there much easier than I expected, because I had to speak German even to buy bread. So much so that months later I was writing minutes and emails in German and speaking fluently, and within a year I was conducting the site meetings myself in front of a dozen (sometimes more) Germans.

During these years in Deutschland I was like a sponge. I learned a lot from my teammates, the construction systems used there and the regulations. All those DIN construction standards that later end up being European (DIN EN) are made in Germany, and it must be said that in this they have a great advantage for us.

With everything I learned, and as I had always wanted to start my own business, I decided to return to Madrid to found Fibartec. The name is a composition of syllables starting from Fibonacci (hence the golden spiral of our logo), Fideas (and the number Fi, related to this spiral), Art, Technique and Technical Architecture. It was not the first name I thought of but the rest were taken: D

And Fibartec was born with the idea of ​​doing things well, rigorously, in the German way, and giving the guarantees that our clients actually deserve.

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