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Who we are

Fibartec Obras y Servicios S.L. is a company focused on comprehensive design reforms and the adaptation of homes and premises, and was born with the spirit of doing things right and giving guarantees to the client.

Our director and founder Ricardo Esclapés is a Technical Architect by the UPM with collegiate number 87237, and he acquired a good part of his professional experience in Germany, working for years in the Project Management of large projects such as Berufsschule I.

The team is made up of professionals from different trades who have extensive experience in renovations, covering masonry, flooring, tiling, painting, electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, carpentry and jobs you may need. At Fibartec each of our professionals takes care of their job, because it is quite difficult to learn a profession well enough.

Fibartec Obras y Servicios S.L is registered in the Registry of Accredited Companies with number 12/28/0111232 and has Civil Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance.

What do we do

At Fibartec Obras y Servicios S.L. we carry out design reforms adapted to the needs of each client. Our goal is to achieve quality finishes, based on our experience, using the materials of the best brands and taking care of the details.

Our work covers the entire process, from the conception of the project to the delivery of keys, always in constant and transparent communication with the client. And we go further, because we offer the guarantee of confidence that you are looking for once the work is finished.

We also provide the service of processing the necessary City Council permits. If you want to transform your home into a local or the reform you want to carry out involves applying for a license or other permit to the City Council, you can leave it in our hands.

You can also request our interior design service, so we will carry out a detailed study of distribution, style, colors and furniture in order to maximize the space and taking into account your tastes.

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